Paparazzi Earrings: For the Bride? A Big Yes!

All your choices in clothing and accessories define your style. This is especially true for your wedding dress, which will be the centerpiece of your look. Wedding hairdressing also has its importance in defining your identity, just as wedding makeup or other makeup will not have the same meaning. Therefore, it is clear that it is not about improvising or choosing accessories at random. To help you find the earrings that best suit your look, here is a selection adapted to different wedding styles. And, yes, paparazzi earrings have marked their spot! 

10 Earring Styles For 10 Types Of Brides

Over time, the world of jewelry has evolved, and there is currently an infinity of accessories and jewelry adapted to all styles and personalities. Your wedding bouquet should also coordinate with the rest of your accessories. Think carefully about the aesthetic you want to show when choosing your earrings. Here are some tips from us to brighten up your wedding day a little more than usual!

  1. You are a quiet and reserved girlfriend. You have chosen a simple wedding dress and light accessories. You like pastel shades and avoid bright colors. For you, paparazzi tassel earrings should bring a touch of light without imposing. Do you recognize yourself? So go for the paparazzi tassel earrings.
  1. Your D-day look will be glamorous or not. You can wear mermaid wedding dresses, carmine lipsticks, and stilettos. Your jewels will not lack shine. They will catch the light and will attract all eyes. This is why we recommend retro paparazzi earrings.
  1. Whatever the occasion, you've always done the best you could. You want to show a chic presence, an impeccable aesthetic in all circumstances. To complete your refined wedding look, you will appreciate the chains, fine and sophisticated earrings in your image.
  1. Your reception area will decorate with rustic wedding decor. You like nature and simplicity, friendly and authentic environments. For your curls, choose natural materials such as raffia and this pretty boho-folk creation that will go perfectly with your vintage and bohemian wedding dress.
  1. You like the colors and the different designs, the fringes, the wide and light fabrics. You are not afraid of eye-catching accessories. How about paparazzi tassel earrings since you are enthusiastic and dynamic and have to be seen! What would you say about paparazzi earrings with exotic and elegant curls for your big day?
  1. For months, you have been searching for the most fashionable wedding dresses and hairstyle trends to bring you an elegant look. You are a modern and fashionable woman, and your wedding day will be no exception. That is why we have selected paparazzi silver earrings for you.
  1. Since your wedding announcement, you've been on a cloud. Your notebook is full of hearts, and you read and reread love texts with pleasure in search of the one you will pronounce on D-Day. You have opted for a wedding dress with a pink bodice and accessories and flowers. Complete your look with the sparkling high-end paparazzi earrings and heart-shaped curls!
  1. The sleekness is probably its main characteristic. Every day you dress in simple clothes in pastel tones, not to mention white, your great ally. You have chosen a lace wedding dress and accessories in sky blue or pale purple, a relaxing environment where poetry will prevail. Therefore, you will love the subtle Opulence Pink paparazzi earring.

9.      You have a classic look every day, and your wedding will be in your image and likeness, traditional. This is how your accessories will have to comply with this rule, starting with your earrings. The studded Resplendent Reflection - Silver Earrings seem to be just right.

  1. Your style is on the border between the bohemian spirit and sophisticated looks. You are not afraid of mixtures, and you like to wear large and comfortable suits without forgetting to be elegant and refined. Therefore, turn to boho-chic Mesmerizing Mosaic earrings that combine precious metals.