Tips on Taking Care of Your Paparazzi Rings: Dos and Don’ts

When you are considering to buy something with a $5 price tag, your first question would be, “How long is it going to last?” While the lasting of an accessory depends on the material quality, how you use it also plays an important role.

After buying a shiny new paparazzi ring, one can have a lot of questions about the ring care: Should I take it off before sleeping? How can I clean it? How often should I clean it?

All these questions about ring care are valid and lead to a longer life of your favorite paparazzi piece. When buying paparazzi jewelry, including rings, be aware that they come with an ample amount of life. However, mostly poor treatment towards the accessory leads it to the instant death of sparkle.

Do: Save It from Moisture

It is best to take off your ring before washing dishes, doing laundry, or going to the beach. Water and harsh chemicals can dim your ring’s sparkle in months. If you want your paparazzi jewelry rings to have a longer life, it is best to keep them away from things that include moisture and chemicals. The next time you plan a trip to the beach or bathe your pet, take off your accessories beforehand.

Don’t: Taking It Off In Public

Taking off your ring at home is one thing, but doing this in public can be a mistake. If you take your ring off in a public restroom, it would be a tragedy if your ring went down the drain or you forget it there. Refraining to take it off in public places will ensure that you have it for years to come. However, if you decide to take it off, wear it on a necklace chain, so you know it is safe.

Do: Clean Your Ring Regularly

If you wear your ring quite frequently, dirt or oil will start to dim its sparkle. There is no point in wearing a style statement if it is dirty. Occasional cleaning of your favorite ring is an easy task. The only thing you are required to do is to lightly buff it with a polishing cloth. A quick cleaning session will make it look brand new.

Don’t: Wear it Before Applying Makeup

We understand that every chic look is incomplete without a touch of makeup. However, your makeup products can contain chemicals that can cause harm to your rings. So when you are about to get dressed for the upcoming party, wedding, or a business meeting, it is best to keep jewelry as your finishing touch.

Do: Add A Bag of Silica or a Piece of Chalk to Your Jewelry Box

When you are not wearing your jewelry every day, it is best to add a silica bag or chalk to your jewelry box. Each of the two is known to absorb moisture from the air completely. By placing it in your jewelry box, you will be able to minimize the oxidation process. Replace them with a new once in few months, so your jewelry is always moisture-free.

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